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    Scott Barrow back at The Sand Siro

    Scott Barrow is back at the Sand Siro for the first time since the Europa League Cup clash with FC Turku for the Welsh Under 23 International with Turkey on October 16th.

    Baz had five very successful years at PTT making his first team debut as a 16 year old in the Wayne Davies era. Scott and his family were very popular with the Blue half of San Portablo and would often stay in the clubhouse till very late on matchday a trait which is very much with him still today as you will find out later in the interview.

    Scott left PTT to join Tamworth in the English Conference League and he is now a full time professional with the Midlands club. Its been three seasons since Scott use to run up the wing at the Sand Siro, when he use to shoot it flew like an arrow, he use to play wide and he use to play narrow oh Scottie Barrow - those words will sound like victory to the Old Guard of the Burns Road.

    Anyhow, we at the 1901 ultras caught up with Scott and asked him about his return and this is what he had to say ‘I can’t wait to get back in the old dressing room and sit in my spot. I’m really looking forward to it. It is always an honour to represent Wales but with it being back at the place where my senior football career began is extra special. I’m delighted to see that David Brooks has also been included to the squad - he is a great player and he can emulate what I have done and beyond.

    'The internationals are a great learning experiance, I have played against some real quality opposition like Fabio Contrao who now plays for Real Madrid and Ricardo Vaz Te of West Ham United. We have beaten Estionia but lost 4 -0 to Norway. I dont remember much about that game as I got knocked out early doors after going up for a header and being thrown 360 degrees before landing on my head. I don't know much about Turkey yet but when we meet up we will look at some footage and find out their formations, key players etc. I have heard that they use players from Galatasaray, Fenerbache, Beskitas and they they have some million pound players.

    'As I say I am really looking forward to coming back to the Sand Siro and walking over that gravel and on to the pitch. I had five great years at PTT, I remember every goal, every game. Beating the Swans, playing against Newport live on TV when it went to extra time, my debut against TNS as a 16 year old, the Neath free kick live on TV at Xmas time, The European game, The Welsh Cup run remember all of that and going to the final was the highlight of my career. The fans for me are the best in the WPL always encouraging the players and getting behind the team no matter what the score. 

    'I game to the Carmarthen game and hearing all the songs again brought memories flooding back. It was really nice to see many of the old fans and know that I have not been forgotten. It was great to see the collage of photos from the European games in the club. I was also pleased to the Pentrehafod connection still there on and off the pitch with Daniel Sheehan playing and the likes of Craig Mapstone watching. Tuesday night against Turkey should be special for me and I hope to put in a decent performance.

    'I am really enjoying Tamworth now. I was homesick the first season but now I have settled. We went full time in the summer and they only kept four of us on from the previous season. We have a better approach with 3 full time physios and we have a conditioning coach. I am playing with the likes of Lee Hendrie in the team and he is different class to train with on a daliy basis. We have started the season well and I hope that it can continue.

    'I still stay in the clubhouse and always last one standingin the clubhouse after the game, Its the same ole Scott Barrow. We played Everton in the FA Cup lost 2-0 and we took 5,000 fans to the game. It was great. At the end of the match I phoned my Dad and asked him where he was and he says 'across the road' in a pub. So over I goes buys my ole man a drink and this Everton fan with a thick Scouse accent comes over to me and says 'Hey la, was you just playing in the game?' I says 'yeah' and he could not believe it and he goes 'In all my days watching Everton I have never known a player to come in here and have a pint after the game. Thats boss'.

    'Like I have already said I am really excited about coming back to the Sand Siro - allez'

    Cheers Scott

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    WPL Golden Boot Legend Rhys Griffiths talks to the 1901

    Rhys Griffiths is the most successful player in the history of the WPL. Griff won his first of seven Golden Boots’s whilst playing for PTT. Rhys had a short spell back at the club before joining English League Plymouth Argyle in the summer. Rhys Griffiths was truly a blue superstar in the Wayne Davies era, so good you may say that he started the PTT fans singing at grounds throughout the WPL as we upset the odds week in week out and got to a Welsh Cup Semi Final, a Loosemoore’s Cup Final and 4th place in the WPL.

    Griff always celebrated his goals with the supporters and he had no qualms in taking time out to tell us what he thought about his career so far, the state of the WPL, his time in Plymouth, Carl Fletcher, Brooksy and the Welsh Under 23’s.

    So this is what the super striker had to say ‘I have been made to feel welcome in Plymouth. The club have give me a nice apartment in the ‘hoe’ near the Barbican.

    ‘I have had a disruptive start to the season for the first time in my football career. I had a couple of sub appearances and scored then went off injured. I started last Saturday and scored again and had 15 mins as a sub again on Tuesday. I expect to start in the League game at Barnet this Saturday.

    ‘There is a jump in professionalism in the football league but it is not an unimaginative jump. I believe there are many players in the WPL that can make the step and have an impact - players like Antonio Corbeserio, Chris Venables, Chris Jones, Kai Edwards, Sion Edwards etc

    ‘I came to Plymouth by a chance meeting - I was doing my coaching badges the B license with Carl Fletcher who was still a player at the time - we had a kick around and he said to me ‘you can play a bit’. I know that he asked the likes Osian Roberts and Gavin Chesterfield and they told him about the Golden Boots. Fletch told Peter Reid about me but it came to nothing. I started to do my A license and Fletch was on the same course again and now he was Plymouth manager. I was biggin up Chris Venables, Corbs and that but he came in for me. I had a trial, scored and here I am today.

    ‘At Plymouth I want to establish myself in the team first and foremost but I also want to get goals and get into the play offs and a craic at Wembley. I will take one step at a time.

    ‘I am in good nick. I eat well, I never drink during the season. I have been virtually injury free. I had a spell where my hamstrings were tight, so I took yoga classes to strengthen them - its not rocket science’.

    Just to let you know that Griff comes from the same end of Cardiff as Sam Warburton and Gareth Bale -they all have the same ultra pro winning attitude and traits and are all magnificent role models for youngsters.

    ‘I played against Gary Doherty the Irish international the other day - we are the same age - I thought you were at Tottenham when I was at Cwmbran and here we are at the same level. There are fine lines in football. Fine lines between winning and losing, bad and lucky breaks, being noticed, going on courses and meeting people. Welsh football needs to wake up to this.

    ‘I was once told repeatedly by a manager in the WPL ‘When you have played at a decent level you will understand me’ it infuriated me and he said it one to many times and I told him in front of all the drssing room ‘You disrespect the level of football I have played all my career in and we will have a serious falling out’ he soon backed away (editor - 1901 salute - fortune favours the brave)’.

    ‘I had some great times in Welsh football. Don’t regret any of it. Titles, Cup Finals, scoring in the Welsh Cup Final is still the highlight of my football life. The European trips. I was a Cardiff District league player when I had a trial for Cwmbran. 10 days later I was in a UEFA Cup match against Bratislava - what an experiance. Crows were down to 10 men after 15 mins and we got beat heavy. But it inspired me.

    ‘The Gefle game was another. I had got a goal out there and we had a lead. Gefle beat Malmo in Sweden before coming out to Wales. We played at Stradey Parc and all I can hear is the Port Talbot fans. We won, we went through. I celebrated with you lot. I remember thinkin that they can never take this away from me. Even if the run I had at PTT scoring run out. But it never did. I am not the quickest but hey a yard in the mind is quicker than two on the floor.

    Who do you think will get the WPL Golden Boot this season?

    ‘The smart money would have been on draper at the start of the season but Simm and Parkinson have started well. Rosey, Jordon Follows, Jeff Price all can score goals. It is going to be competitive.

    ‘I still look out for the WPL of course and I know that Carl Payne scored a worldy last Friday. I really want Brooksy to do himself justice for the wales Under 23’s against Turkey and that he gets a start next Tuesday. I am going to try and get down to watch the game. Brooksy has to keep himself focused. If he can keep playing consistantly well like he has this season - opportunities will come. He has the gift of football. I like to think that he can emulate what Gary Roberts done - I played against him and I have played with and against David Brooks - he just got to look after himself and not worry about the down moments that will come his way. Also hope that Scott Barrow enjoys his return to the Sand Siro.

    ‘I would like to thank all those that have supported me since the move to Plymouth. John Hartson text me regular and I had one saying ’You still banging in them in for fun’ - I modelled my game on John Hartson and Duncan Ferguson - so you can imagine how I feel. Also Willo from Prestatyn, Craig Jones, Nathan Craig and many, many others. I have always tried to do things the right way on and off the pitch so I dont think I have made to many enemies. and I will be back - hywl fawr’.

    Cheers Griff - you are a heavyweight amabassador for welsh football - your journey is far from over - and we will be back to hear from you soon.

    Cadw catref Gwaith Cymraig - ymlaen

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    David Brooks earns Under 23 Semi Pro call up. Allez.

    Great news came to Port Talbot Town AFC last Sunday when McCreesh stand favourite David Brooks was called into the Welsh Under 23 Semi Pro squad for the international match against Turkey which is being held at the Sand Siro on October 16th. Brooks will be in great company with ex Burns Road  favourites Luke Bowen and Scott Barrow also in the squad. Barrow can expect a warm welcome on his first outing at the Sand Siro pitch since his move to Tamworth.

    Brooksy has been in scintilating form for PTT this season. His work rate has improved and David has been devastating in the last third of the pitch week in week out. Brooksy has come a long way since his days in the Amateur league with Splott based Bridgend Street and Brooksy football journey looks all set to flourish further.

    The 1901 Ultra blog caught up with young David Brooks and the Blues Boss Mark Jones tosee what they had to say our bra from Adamstown had this to say ‘I am over the moon. It was such a quality surprise. I am really looking forward to the challenge and I just want to give it what I got to be honest. 

    'I have put a lot in this season and Jonah, Cays and Youngy have really given me direction and confidence. I've worked hard and am getting the rewards they promised.

    'I am gonna link up with  the squad after our game against Bala. I am going straight to the Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel after the Bala match. Stay there until after the Turkey game. Its worked out that the game is in the Sand Siro which you cant fault. That is my football home. I hope the Ultras can get to the game. They are the best in the WPL.

    'There is a great buzz in the PTT dressing room at the moment. The new signings and the coaching staff have been sound. Sheehan, Payney, Daniel are a great laugh and they reckon they are going to take us out down Swansea soon. Cahill and Young have been thorough and professional and they have upped my work rate and I want to keep improving and scoring more goals, The atmosphere could not be much better so we are not short on confidence going into the Carmarthen game. Looking forward to Friday night and I'd like to thank the fans for the support at home this season. Top draw'.

    Blues Boss Mark Jones told the 1901 ultras ‘Its magnificent it really is. To come from the amateur league to International standard in such a short space of time. 

    'I hope he starts, everyone at Port Talbot has such great affection for him as he is such a likeable lad. I am sure everyone will turnout in force with Scott barrow also coming back.

    'David is more confident this season and there has been more substance with his swagger. He has bet the Chairman a few quid that he will get 15 goals and you know what Andrew is like about losing money haha. I am really delighted for him'.

    Finally Rhys Griffiths the 7 times golden Boot winner told the Blog ‘Great news about Brooksy. I have phoned him and said that I will try and make it down for the game. I liked him from the off. He is a talented footballer and a nice kid. Without doubt he could make an impact in the pro leagues. Lets hope he can have an impact for his country’.

    Gwan Brooksy we all right behind you and the Sand Siro will be lively.

    Allez - all yah need is Brooks.

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    1901 Ultras at Carmarthen

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    Part One

    With Lee John on the brink of becoming the first PTT player to reach 200 WPL appearances we thought it only right to add footage of the Wayne Davies era to see Johnno at his mercurial best, tearing them apart. Allez

    (Footage rights belong to Sgorio/S4C/Rondo)

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    Part Two

    (Footage rights belong to S4C-Sgorio/BBC Wales)

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    PTT v Neath

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    Cortez Belle ready for Neath

    PTT are well into season 11/12 and we have just come off the back off a 2 zip reverse against the jam Eaters at Stebo and a controversial goaless draw with Prestatyn that saw referee Huw Jones reverse a penalty decison after some volatile press ganging by the Prestatyn players and manager. We shall not dwell on such disappointing negativity but look forward to the Neath game on Friday night that also sees Under 16’s get into the game for free.
    The BSB and 1901ultras tumblr sites have caught up with the charismatic Cortez Belle to see if he has recovered from the worrying injury that he picked up towards the end of the game in Llanelli and this is what the big man had to say ‘I should be well to start the game on Friday night against Neath - I’m certainly optimistic. I’m with BUPA in Cardiff and they have been giving me physio all week. Its a slight tear at the top of the calf muscle. I went for the ball and over extended. Fingers crossed thou I should be alright for what is a very important game.
    ‘The game last week I think we got what we deserved and we have no complaints. In saying that thou when the score was 1 nil Brooksy has had a great chance and if that had gone in the dynamic of the game would have shifted. We are creating chances we just have to be more clinical and take them when they are presented. It was a similar story against Prestatyn the week before. If we can become clinical then we are in with a shout. Neath have the biggest budget in the WPL and they will be expected to win, but we are not going to just lie down. I know a few of their players so I’m aware of their quality but Friday night at our place anything can happen. I’m really up for the game I feel like I want to surge forward put the ball into the box and get on the end of it myself -ha ha.
    ‘I hope the crowd can get behind us again and you never know what might happen’.
    Big Up Tez
    Lets hope the Sand Siro is ringing on Friday night
    Allez Allez

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